Friday, June 8, 2007

A Precursor to the Tolkien Essays

As I mentioned in a previous post, the essays on J.R.R. Tolkien, the first of which I will be publishing today, were originally written in the Spring of 1997 for an Advanced Expository Writing course. I took this course at Dakota Wesleyan University, under the tutelage of Dr. Joseph Ditta. Dr. Ditta was a great influence on the quality of my writing while I was at Dakota Wesleyan. And the skills that I learned from him, though not practiced as regularly as they should be to remain sharp, still linger in my mind and emerge from my fingertips in the writing I do today.

The essays were written in standard MLA format. Due to this I will be including the Works Cited section at the end of each paper. This should take you back to those research paper days of yore. I hope that you enjoy the posts on Tolkien, and I would be grateful of any comments or questions you might have. I would be especially grateful of any corrections that you find need to be made. I did a lot of research, but my words, like any writers, are not guaranteed to be the gospel truth.

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Aaron said...

I'm glad to see you publishing. It's a little refreshing, amongst all of the low-brow articles and webcomics I tend to read on a regular basis, to be able to read something of substance about an author I really know almost nothing about. Thank-you for posting. -A