Friday, June 29, 2007

Enjoy a Dark Roast

I was introduced to the Dark Roasted Blend blog by my good friend, Jason Heath. No surprise there. Jason has been making a name for himself in the blogosphere with his Double Bass Blog. He is also a very popular podcaster, being the host of Contrabass Conversations. All in all, a great friend to have when you're learning the ropes. Jason has included a number of posts on his blog about posts that have appeared on Dark Roasted Blend, bringing incredible material to his readers.

Dark Roasted Blend specializes in articles surrounding collections of photographs. Though I have not delved into the inner workings of this well-crafted blog I have enjoyed the majority of their posts over the last several months. The content ranges from comical to inspirational to awe-inspiring. Dark Roasted Blend is a page maintained by Avi and Rachel Abrams. They began the blog, one of many they have, in October of 2006. In their short time in the blogosphere (look who's talking) they have made an incredible impact and attained a readership most bloggers can only dream of.

The reason I wanted to mention them today is due to a post that appeared on Dark Roasted Blend on Tuesday, June 26, 2007. Their "One Day in Space" post includes several photos from NASA's recent Atlantis shuttle mission. These pictures fall under the awe-inspiring category. Especially one that shows the shuttle flying over a mountainous terrain. It almost feels as if the shuttle isn't really in space in this photo. I haven't included a copy of the picture because I haven't researched who actually owns it. And, being new to the blogosphere, I don't want to break any rules...or laws. But check out One Day in Space at Dark Roasted Blend and discover why this blog has such a loyal following.

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Jason Heath said...

Thanks for the mention, my man! Hey, you should put your Twitter badge on you blog! You can change the color to make it match, and then visitors will know that you're a hip Twitter dude like me.