Sunday, August 3, 2008

Watch out for Double Trouble!

I just wanted to drop a quick blurb about two extremely talented authors, Philippa Balantine and Tee Morris. Here is an opportunity from Dragon Moon Press to get a free PDF download of the most recent novels by these two writers in anticipation of 08/08/08. The Double Trouble campaign is promoting Digital Magic, by Philippa Balantine, and A Billibub Baddings Mystery: The Case of the Pitcher's Pendant, by Tee Morris.

These two authors are well know for the prequels of these recent releases. Chasing the Bard is a recent podcast novel release by Philippa Balantine. And Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword is a recent podcast novel release by Tee Morris.

I encourage you to support these authors as the print release of the Double Trouble books become available for purchase on August 8, 2008. And, if you take advantage of the free PDF versions of these books go ahead and get the word out about them, including your own review, on you blog, podcast, or website. These two authors are among many talented writers out there that deserve to have their voices heard...beyond their podcasts, that is.