Saturday, July 28, 2007

Story Starters - Number Two

Here are some additional story ideas for you. I invite you to take these and use them as exercises for your writing practice. Or, if something about them strikes your muse and fires up the inspiration, go ahead and make what changes are necessary to bring your vision to life. These are a collection of ideas that came to me, and that I will not likely be using personally.

If you do take one of these ideas and start your own story, or stories, because of it I would love to know. Please comment and let me know if these story starters are helpful to you. If you happen to take one of these ideas and mold it into a finished product, I will not ask to be credited in any way. These are ideas that anyone can come up with, and I am sharing them freely with you.

  • The protagonist is an avid reader. He/She has been reading all of his/her life. Recently, as extraordinary as is may seem, many of the events from the protagonist’s books are starting to occur in the real world. Now determine what kind of literature your protagonist likes to read: mystery, romance, sci-fi, horror, etc.
  • This situation is similar to the previous one; only in this situation the reader finds himself/herself entering the book world that they are reading about.
  • Your protagonist lives in a large suburb. One day she wakes up to find a large shape or design of some sort painted on the front of her garage. She learns that several seemingly random houses have been marked in the same fashion.

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