Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yes, It's an Ego Trip

Don’t think me conceited but I googled my name tonight. I was actually surprised by the result. You see I live in a town with another Michael Colwill. Actually, I’ve never met this “doppelganger” of mine. We did share the same pediatrician and the same dentist. In fact, I think both of our names were on the same registry at a number of places. In fact, he purchased a car from the same dealer as I only a few weeks before me. Well, this other Michael Colwill was always the person that came up when I googled my name. He is a police officer in our city, you see, and was mentioned in numerous online articles due to events around our city. Tonight it was different.

When I searched for “Michael Colwill” tonight the number one entry with Google was this blog. Maybe I’m letting it get to my head a little, but I thought that was pretty cool. Especially since my name isn’t extremely obscure. No, there aren’t hundreds of thousands Michael Colwills running around out there, either. Being high on Google’s list of hits for me is one step closer to having my recognized in the blogosphere and podcast communities out there. That in turn, is a step closer to getting my writing out there where people can read, enjoy, critique, or just experience it. I think that’s pretty cool.

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Aaron said...

What's fun is when you find various doppelgangers from around the country, sullying your good name with professorships out of Oregon...not that it's ever happened to me or anything.

I don't know if you remember "Snigglets", which were "words that should be in the dictionary" from commedian Rich Hall (circa 1988). But there's actually a term, allied with something narciccistic, about googling your own name on the internet. Unfortunately, the actual word's name escapes me at the moment.